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NanoPhos S.A.

NanoPhos S.A. was founded in 2005 with the vision to transfer innovation from the laboratory to everyday life, exploiting the power of nanotechnology. In 2008 NanoPhos was distinguished by Bill Gates for its innovation. Utilizing the benefits of nanoparticles for the user, NanoPhos provides solutions for common problems such as moisture, mold and heat insulation. It also provides high quality, reliable and environmentally friendly chemicals for repelling water, cleaning and protecting surfaces such as tiles, walls, metals and cement, in order to promote the energy performance of buildings and construction projects. In 2014, NanoPhos Marine was created to deliver innovative solutions to the shipping industry. Non-metallic antifouling paints, heat-insulating paints and self-cleaning coatings are some of the products that respond to the demands of both coastal and offshore shipping for a long time. The facilities of NanoPhos are located in the Technological and Cultural Park of Lavrio. They include production, research and administration facilities.

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