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Christos Trapalis

Christos Trapalis is Director of Research and Head of “Nanofunctional and Nanocomposite Materials Laboratory” at NCSR Demokritos. His scientific interests are focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology, visible light active photocatalysts for NOx removal, CO2 reduction, carbon based materials, functionalized graphene and graphene oxide, 2D heterostructures and nanostructured powders and coatings. He has taught “Physical Chemistry”, “Technology of Polymers”, “Technology of Glass and Ceramics” at HTEI Athens (1994-2004). Christos has been elected Prof. of “Advanced Materials” at the Department of Products Design Engineering, AEGEAN University (2004-2008). He taught also “Physical Chemistry” at the Hellenic Open University (2009-2014). During the last 15 years he participated in more than 20 research programs, coordinated more than 15 of them and raised for NCSR Demokritos more than 3,0 M€. He is reviewer of more than 40 scientific journals with more than 130 publications in peer reviewed journals, 5000 citations, 5 patents, and H-factor 37.

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